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YAGMA is an African non-profit Christian based organization, specialized in training, mentorship, development, support and relationship building for young potential and emerging artists and musicians with a focus on music entrepreneurship, leadership, technology, ministry, and artistry.
Founded in 2015 by Philip Kingtoyo Tsey, the Young African Gospel Musicians' Alliance (YAGMA) strengthens, motivates and empowers the young potential and emerging artists and musicians who believe in the participation of networking and trade. YAGMA is a leading source of training and mentorship for gospel, christian and inspirational artists and musicians.

Philip Kingtoyo Tsey

Philip Kingtoyo Tsey
Founder / President

Our mission statement

YAGMA exists to train young potential and emerging gospel musicians and artists in Africa and Diasporas through premium resources, mentoring and coaching opportunities towards promoting development and the Kingdom of God.

Our vision statement

To raise a transformed young gospel musicians and artists for Africa and the Great Commission set forth by Jesus Christ.

Our Values




Training Programme

Courses for the programme

YAGMA seeks to run a music academy which is a comprehensive 12-months incubation training programme that aims at cultivating a culture of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Super-Mega Kingdom mind-sets in the participants so that they can find the right balance to create high performance arts and teams.

  • Leadership Training

  • Entrepreneurship Training

  • Musical Instruments Training

  • Plagiarism Training

  • Voice Training

  • Choreography/Dance Training

  • Photography/Videography

  • Songwriting Training

  • Introduction to music production

    • Recording

    • Beat-making

    • Editing

    • Mixing

    • Mastering