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About Us


Who we are

We are a Christian based orgainization aimed at providing training, support and development to the underpriviledged young gospel artists and musicians across Africa and beyond.

What we do

Our core activities

  • Music and Art Development
  • Mission and Evangelism
  • Humanitarian Services


The approach of the programme

An incubation approach to create employment opportunities for the young Africans aged 10-35 in the gospel in the music industry.


Our main objectives

  • Provision of seminars, training workshops, conferences and career-development initiatives.
  • Facilitation of exchange opportunities and network development between the emerging Africa gospel musicians and international industry personnel's.
  • Generation of positive media attention for the gospel music.
  • Provision of creative platforms and economic opportunities for the young potential and emerging musicians, artists, innovative voices

Our mission statement

YAGMA exists to train young potential and emerging gospel musicians and artists in Africa and Diasporas through premium resources, mentoring and coaching opportunities towards promoting development and the Kingdom of God.

Our vision statement

To raise a transformed young gospel musicians and artists for Africa and the Great Commission set forth by Jesus Christ.


Our core values


Our calling comes from the great commission to "go and make disciples". We believe that spiritual growth is not just a nice thing, but is inevitable as we relentlessly pursue Jesus.


We believe that life is not meant to be lived alone. As such, we value those who make a formal commitment to belong to a community of believers, investing in each other's lives and God's Kingdom.


While we take our calling seriously, we love the people God has placed in our lives and are committed to having fun, laughing and maintaining the proper balance in our lives, so that we can be a good witness for Him.


We are passionate about music and while we are called to serve our generation through music, worship is NOT a genre or sound. It is our purpose, the very reason why our God created us.


Those who are called to lead in the gospel music industry play an important role in the discipleship of others. As for our part, we want to equip "worship leaders / Musicians / Artists" with the necessary tools so that they may be more effective in their calling.


While we believe in excellence and strive to be experts in our craft, we don't have all of the answers and we cannot do it alone. To serve the Church on a global scale, we must forge trust and authentic friendships with like-minded believers around the world.


We have been entrusted with songs, recordings, creativity and financial resources. To those who have been entrusted much, much is expected. These are not our resources but those that God has entrusted to us to be used for His glory and Kingdom.